Screen Acting

My Passion for acting started from a very young age. Like most actors I started by impersonating people on television or in the family. I didn’t really understand what good acting was and for years struggled to find a clear definition.

Professional training at drama school gave me a clear insight into looking at plays both within the context and history they were written and the actor’s approach. There was still on major gap and that was how to perform on screen.

Through a variety of workshops and investigation I built an understanding of how the camera works and consequently how a performance needs to be adjusted to suit film and television.

The word “style” isn’t used very often when we talk about drama but it is fundamental to understanding different genres and why the tastes of so many directors vary. An understanding of style is vital due to the different mediums an actor may perform in which would also include, radio, web, and video games.

The role of the actor is to be flexible so he/she can find an appropriate perform within the style of the piece. Like a dancer or musician, the actor needs to practice with different material to remain fresh and flexible.

The greatest fears every actor has it that they will be found out as a fraud. My role as director and teacher is to create a safe space so the actor can explore the text safely, take risks and know that they are not being judged. We are on the same side looking for the best choices that will help tell a compelling story and make the actor shine.

The most satisfying thing I have found as a teacher is to see an actor grow in confidence. You know they are enjoying the process as they let go of their fears and make bolder choices. The fear of failure is thus substituted for the joy of craftsmanship.

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